Mobile User Group
Welcome to the Mobile User Group website

The aim of the Mobile User Group is to act as an interface between the users and the mobile industry.

The website is intended to be the focus for comments in the form of a bulletin board. You can have your say and pose questions to find out why your mobile does, or does not, do what you think it should.

This website exists to share experiences between users in order to get that problem fixed quickly. If you can go back to your service provider and/or mobile manufacturer with a known problem and reference, then perhaps you can get it sorted just a little quicker than before.

But we are more than that. Our goal is to start to drive areas of the industry so that we can influence our future as users. The site is free for the time being (although you will still need to register). However, in the future, there will be a fee to use parts of the site and become a member. This will be done to cover the expense of joining the groups we intend to influence....believe us there are a great many and so this will be done selectively and only when we have reached economy of scale. Suffice it to say, you pay enough for your mobile and so you will not want to pay much.

But there is a responsibility here. If we really want to influence the future of mobile communication, then we need to talk their language and take our role seriously. So this website is a dip in the water to see what the temperature is like. Please bear this in mind when you post.

In the meantime, have a look at our fora here or register straight away at Registration

If you have an queries, please contact Admin.